Solar Energy News and Facts

Sun is a constant source of energy. Every day, the sun enriches the Earth with uncountable amounts of solar energy, most of which comes in the form of yellow light. All around planet Earth, sunlight is by far the most important source of energy for all living things. Without it, Earth is lifeless.

Solar light can be a free source of renewable energy for such everyday jobs as cooking, heating water, or warming up homes. The challenge is to find ways to transform solar energy into usable heat. The most efficient way to transform sunlight into heat is to shine lots of sunlight onto a dark surface. Dark surfaces absorb most of the visible light that interacts with them, and reflect very little. Visible light that is absorbed this way usually causes the dark-colored surface to warm up. Of all colors, black is able to absorb the most light, and produce the most heat.

After a brief introduction to solar energy this section is dedicated to solar energy news to keep our valuable readers informed about the solar world advances.

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