Solar Electricity Systems

Solar Electricity for Remote Home

Solar Electricity systems generated by sunlight, wind, or flowing water means no pollution, no outages, and no monthly power bills.

Solar Home Electricity

If utility lines are not available to your remote home-site, safe and free energy already on your site, from sunlight, wind, or falling water, can produce home solar electricity Systems for most electrical needs, without the cost of extending power lines, and with no monthly power bill.

Solar Electric panels

convert sunlight directly into electricity with no moving parts, no maintenance, no fuel, and no pollution. This is the most environmentally friendly way to produce power. Solar electric panels last decades, and offer a 20 to 25-year warranty on power. Best of all, you will help show the world a better way.

Small Hydro Power Systems

brings water downhill in a 2" to 4" plastic pipe, to jet through a nozzle and spin an alternator 24 hours a day. You get more power for less cost than from any other source. You need a stream flowing over 10 gallons per minute, and elevation drop of 20 to 100 feet.

Wind Power System

can be effective, but only on a site with average wind speed over 10 mph. Wind can work along with solar Energy generation to provide more uniform power input.

Solar Energy Engine Generator

as backup provides total security for extended bad weather. An Independent natural power system typically produces just 10% to 25% of the electricity consumed by a utility powered American home. That is about 1 to 5 or at most 10 kilowatt hours of electricity on a sunny day.Rather than major life-style changes, we learn to consume a small percentage of the power others use. Here is how:
The amount of power a solar electric system collects depends on the natural energy resources at your location and on how much equipment you install to gather that energy. How much benefit you receive from that energy depends on careful selection of lights and appliances that use about 1/4 as much power, for radical energy efficiency, and on your conservation habits. This means using special lights, refrigerators, and freezers that use about 1/4 as much power as typical models of solar electricity system. It means using natural gas or propane for major heat production in cooking, water heating, clothes drier, and home heating. (It's best to include passive solar home design and wood heat where possible).
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